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19th May 2017


This week in Maths, we have been recapping previous learning from the year. We’ve been looking at those tricky missing number problems and learning lots of different strategies to tackle them. The main strategy we learnt is to use the inverse operation. We were amazed at how hard the children worked to tackle this problem. Next week, we are going to begin a week on reasoning within the four main operations.

In English, we have a new genre of work to write. This half term we are concentrating on Non-Fiction and are building up to write our own Non-Chronological Report about Seaside holidays around the world. This week, we carried on writing our report about beaches around the world.

In Art, we have been introduced to a new Artist, Jane Robbins, that we are inspired by. We have sketched out our plan of our artwork as well as used watercolours to create the background. Next week we are going to finish bringing it altogether to create our final piece.

In Science and Geography, we have been focussing on the weather and how it affects us. This week, we researched the weather and created our own weather forecast. Next week, we are going to practise and perform our own weather forecast to the rest of the class using the green screen.

In R.E, we were introduced to celebrations. This week, we have looked at different celebrations and then chose which one was our favourite and why.

Our Championship Point winner last week was Archie. Well done for collecting those championship points Archie.

Our Team Championship Point winner was Determination. They’ve been working hard as a team, encouraging each other to get those championship points. Well done Determination.

Important Information:

As a school we have Attendance Avengers where each class can win prizes. We have managed to have our extra playtime and are now working together to earn that cinema afternoon. Our attendance last week was 95%, we need to aim for at least 97% if not more. Let’s keep aiming high and go for the next prize.

Home Learning – This is sent out on a Friday and the children are expected to have this returned by Monday. The children receive spellings and maths homework relating to their learning that week.

Reading books – It is expected that these are changed at least once a week. Our main days for changing reading books are Tuesdays and Thursdays.

P.E – This takes place every Monday. Please ensure your child has a P.E kit available in school.

Book Swap Shop is well underway. Remember to bring in any unwanted books and you’ll receive a token this can then be exchanged at the shop on Tuesday’s.

Active Learn – Remember to access this wonderful resource where you can read books, complete comprehension and grammar tasks and much more!

Rockstar Times Tables – The children have been given their login for this fantastic new resource. It has been great to see how many children have accessed this at home. Well done!

Phonics Check – During the week of the 12th June 2017 all children have to take part in the statutory phonics check for Year 1. We will be sending out some phonics resources that will help your child prepare for this check in a fun way. Please can you carry out the activities with your child at home over the Whit Half Term. If anyone needs anymore information or has any concerns about the phonics please come and see us.

Important Dates:

22nd May 2017 – Library Visit. If you are available to help us walk to and from the library in the morning, please let an adult know in school. Please ensure your child’s slip is returned to school by 19th May 2017.

26th May 2017 – School finished for the Whit Half Term.

12th June 2017 – School re-starts and the phonics check week begins.

22nd June 2017 – Bring an Adult Fathers Day Theme.

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Collinson and Miss Howson

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